Best Portable Speakers

Portable speakers are new invention in music industry, and its now very popular among people these days, thanks to their portability benefits, if you want to go outside with your jam along this is the best bet. We can say that no one would regret investing money in these handy boxes. They come equipped with Bluetooth connectivity you can connect it to your mobile phone or tablet device and it will provide you loud music where you needed it.

Suppose that you are on picnic drive on a weekend and want to take along your music in your camp or to the bonfire, simply charge them and a good portable speaker can easily provide you run time of 20 to 30 hours, that enough time for a weekend party.

Or you can take along on your trip to beach on a sunny day of winters, to enjoy party while enjoying vitamin d from sun.

As market is fulfilled with tons of products, and many brands are producing these portable speakers, its necessary to educate yourself before buying one, in this guide of artie lange we will try our best to provide you information that you need to know before buying one.

First of all you should consider the battery timing of a portable speaker, there is not any benefit if your portable speaker does not entertain you for a while. For example, you go to the trip with your friends and its battery goes to an end, so how would you feel in front of your friends, definiiitely it will be very shameful. So first thing to consider is its battery timing, it should give you atleast 15 hours of battery.

2nd thing is to consider is the  sound quality of the speker, if it does not sound great why would you go for it, to investigate this feature you should test each one speaker but don’t worry we have reviewed many speakers and selected 3 best speakers for you. Otherwise you can also research on the internet to check what other buyers are saying about it. If you are buying these portable speakers from amazon, you can read buyer reviews at the end of page easily to determine what you can expect from your brand new portable speakers.

Another thing to keep in mind is the size. Portable speakers are available in various sizes, some of them are bigger, and some of them are smaller. there are portable speakers available in the market that you could even fit in your pocket.  The most important thing while selecting the best size for your portable speaker you need to know is that as the portable size will decrease you will need to compromise on the loudness and sound quality as it’s the fact smaller speakers produces less sound quality speakers.

In 2019 there are tons of options are available in the market of portable speakers to buy, our team at Artie Lange has selected best sounding portable speakers for our readers that you could buy without blinking eye, below are the best portable speakers you could buy immediately.

Cambridge Soundworks Oontz Angle 3 is the first best portable speaker in our list. It is very affordable speaker, comes under 100 dollars and we must say it’s the best value portable speaker from the all the ones we tested. It has the water proofing feature, you wont need to worry whether you enjoy music in rain weather or accidently throw this speaker in pool. Most of the buyers gets shocked after buying this portable speaker as they don’t expect such high sound quality speaker in this very low price.

Bluetooth pairing is very simple with these speakers, the iphone gets connected immediately as you turn on the Bluetooth pairing mode.

The sound quality is amazing reported by the reviewers in such small size speakers, they produce such an amazing sound and very loud among this size of portable speakers. Most of the buyers said this portable speaker is the best choice if need an affordable speaker in the price tag of under 100.

Anker Soundcore Bluetooth portable speaker is another popular choice among people these days. The best thing about this speaker is its battery life, anker has equipped this speaker with a ridicules long lasting battery. Most of the buyers reported that they have charged the speaker and enjoyed this one for a complete week, most of the time it depends on the usage but we must say it got a very long lasting battery. Sound quality is great produced by this portable speakers, and we can say there is not any cons of buying this portable speaker.

JBL Xtreme is the portable speaker which is very popular for its bass from such a small speaker. As you know to produce bass you need big boxes, but this portable speaker some kind of magic technology in it that produces amazon sound that will amaze its listeners, if you like hip hop music we would strongly suggest you to go for JBL Xtreme because of its amazing bassy sound.

We have provided you information about 3 best portable speakers available in the market to buy, that you could by without risking your money and you won’t regret buying them.

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